Saving for Retirement

Planning and saving for retirement as early as now is not wishing that you’d lose your job; it’s actually a good thing, since you’ll never know what the future might bring. As the old saying goes, it’s better to come early and prepared, than come in late and clueless.

  1. Life expectancy due to health issues – if you think you’ll still live for the next few years after retirement, consider your annual expenses.
  2. Cash Inflow – Will there be other resources? Or will this be your money? Lump sums are pretty tempting, but always think long term.
  3. Family – Planning with the family is always best in these situations; do they know your plans? Make sure they do, so you can make the necessary adjustments, and you can discuss your options as a family, specifically when you’re talking about how to sustain each other.
  4. Plan B – Having a contingency plan is one of the best things you can have. If this doesn’t work, then what will? Closely related to the previous and succeeding items.
  5.  Investment – Investing your money into something is always, ALWAYS a great idea, especially if you’re already retired. To make sure there is a continuous flow on cash, engage in a business deal, or become a small-time merchant. Put it in a bank. Be creative. Just remember to place your money where it would be productive.
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Top 5 Skills To be on par in the Accountancy Market

1. Numerical Proficiency and Exceptional Logic – Of course, being great in math and logic are still the TOP priority of any accountant. Your degree plus license would be proof of this.

2. Good communication skills – A great accountant needs to have a way with words. Why? Because most of the time, you’re selling yourself. You need a great sense of professionalism when it comes to talking to clients, but you should also have a certain charm that makes the clients comfortable with you.

3. Computer Software Literacy – This is the latest edition to the skills needed. More and more accountancy firms are using cloud and mobile software. Any accountant who wishes to be competitive needs to acquire skills in using and manipulating these software.

4. An eye for detail – When you’re dealing with numbers, which is the art of precise science, one needs to have a love for details. Nothing must escape you; you want to know and need to know everything. Plus, being neat with your tables and presentations is always a plus. Data must always be presented crystal clear.

5. Passion for what you do – If a man works with passion, there is nothing he couldn’t do. Being passionate about your work – loving everything about it and not just the pay – is the key to being a successful and competitive accountant. It will be seen in your professionalism, your way of speaking to the client, the way you submit your reports. Passion can’t be hidden, and it’s what will take you to places.

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Obama Small Business Friend in High Places for 2012

Following president Obama’s visit to the Arlington Virginia bookstore with his daughters this past Saturday, as an obvious statement of his support of small business, we have decided to award him with the Small Business’ Friend in High Places for 2012.

While we have not overall been supporters of the president’s re-election, due to his apparent interest in taxing the successful, we stand up and applaud his choice of locations to demonstrate to the public for Christmas shopping, and his signal of showing solidarity with American business so early after his election.

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